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Bought a new laptop as my old Asus packed up! Its a Lenovo Legion Y540 and has been working great for production and CPU intensive VSTi like Phaseplant and T-Racks

I love the illuminated keys and the fact you can easily upgrade things with an access panel underneath, the fans are really nicely positioned so that all the heat gets blown away from your legs!

Processor is an Intel i5 9300H 2.4ghz with 8Gb 2400 of ram, Graphics are really deent on this from the on board Nvidia Geeforce GTX 1650.

I plan on upgrading to 16gb of ram so i can take advantage of running the system in dual channel mode which should improve performance a good 10-15%, If not more depending… How much i can get away with overclocking it before it hits thermal limits. I’m going to go with a balance that isn’t constantly taxing the fans at full speed so i can have a little quiet whilst playing games or hammering FL Studio

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