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VW Golf 4 SP Audio Door Cards

Featuring two SP Audio 8″ MM series and a single 6.5″ CM series midrange Ferrite motored PA drivers
Over half a Kilowatt of potential power per door

They were built using a combination of MDF, Pine wood, Glass fiber filler, Black Vynil leather.
The idea behind the design was to give the drivers an incredibly solid frame to rest on, minimizing resonance by filling the entire frame with expanding foam it reduces resonance and fills internal spaces to create somewhat smooth internal chamber filled with air pockets that help with reducing internal reflections by absorbing rear wave energy and dissipating it within the honey combe structure created by expanding foam. The final frame was not only very rigid it could be characterized as “dead” it didn’t ring on tapping as i find most door enclosures do.
This causes resonant peaks when certain frequencies couple within the door and start to excite each other causing a null or peak in the response. This of course leads to either a very hollow, muddy, ringy or flat sounding midrange. its all vehicle dependant

All nicely wrapped in faux leather vynil to match the doorcards

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