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Classic Mini Vibe Audio Space 8 Subwoofers

A VIBE Audio installation in a classic Mini Cooper

Vibe Audio is a leading British car audio brand with a range of subrands like Edge and Fli. They have been known for some great inovations over the years and some fantastic products.
These Space 8 subwoofers were something special and i wish i had kept a whole bunch for myself!

Sound deadening

Being an old car it was clear that some sound deadening was going to be necessary on this Vibe Audio Space 8 installation. Adding mass to the cars body panels helped reduce resonance.

Installing the amplifier

I managed to fit the amplfier neatly between the battery tray and the back of the boot. Wired with 4awg power and ground wires and 14awg speaker cable.

Vibe Audio Space 8
Vibe Audio Space 8

Building the enclosure

I decided on building a sealed enclosure for these Space 8 Subwoofers because the owners choice in music genres required little output below 50hz. I modelled the enclosure in BassboxPro6 which after some adjustments a came up with a volume of 0.45 cubic foot per driver resulting in a lower -3db [F3] point of 44hz.

The Space 8 Subwoofers

Vibe Audio Space 8

Designed for sound quality these subwoofers deliver fast transients with ease. Frequency response is 38 – 9000 Hz with a sensitivity of 86db. A propratary lightweight 0.15mm thick aluminium cones coupled to a large vented motor allows for long term high power handling of 300rms

The owner wanted to retain the use of his very small boot and be able to get easy access to the spare wheel.
I went about it by building a frame on the rear parcel shelf for the enclosure to mount too. Being such a small space I needed a little helping hand in aligning it all up

Carpeting the enclosure

I used standard speaker cabinet fabric to finish off the enclosure glued down with some automotive spray glue. It gives it a long lasting finish that blends into the car nicely.

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