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Vibe Audio Blackbox Stereo 4 Amplifier Testing

Two of the Vibe audio 4 channels in my collection well overdue for repair, I purchased these a while back without testing, seems like there is a distortion issue on one of the input boards and the others working 100%
I’ve also got a pair of 2 channel 50wrms units, a single 100wrms 2 channel as well as two monoblocks, id really love to have all of these in a single water cooled chassis.

How great would it be to have a powerhouse of up to 14 stereo and two mono channels, i would most probably use the 4channels in bridge mode to power some large midbass drivers THD shouldn’t be an issue here, the 2 50wrms for either tweeters in a 2 way or midbass in a 3way setup, i also have a decent center channel option or rear fill with the 100watt 2 channel.
Strapping the monoblocks will give me over 2000rms depending how efficient the sub and enclosure combination end up.

Keep your eyes peeled for more!

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