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Trailing Brakes Game Audio

Here we go! drivers get to your starting positions! Trailing Brakes from Tim’s Beuadet’s studio Tyre Bytes is officialy being developed.

Im working again with Tim, this time tackling a full on racing simulator. The audio on this will be a work of love. Im can not describe how excited i am to be working on this project. I have been a long time player of racing games and being an audio head ive always felt a lack of joy from the performance of the audio, i think everyone has, its been discussed over and over and only in the last few years has the game changed.

With new technology weaving itself in to the audio real of gaming, the player demanding more immersion the racing experience really has surpased acceptable and is now in the region of great!

There are few titles these days that capture the essense of the real life experience. Some shoot for realism, some shoot for emotion. My hope and goals are to aim much higher.

If the project contraints allow, one day i hope to have progressively generated engine sounds using realtime game data to modulate internal audio parameters.
The possibilities are endless and im super excited to get started

Follow Tim’s indy adventure on Twitch. He streams nearly everyday!

Link to Tim Beaudet Twitch Stream
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