Game Audio Trailing Brakes

Trailing Brakes Engine Synthesis Experimentation

Here are a few examples of engine synthesis i have experimented with using PhasePlant from Kilohearts.

The phaseplant engine is a great tool for experimentation. even though its extremely deep in terms of modulation and effects it can also be quite simple if you want it to be.
This gives me great flexibility to sket out quid ideas a and system that i can then easily transalate into game audio engine.

Heres some ideas ive tried building in Unreal engine for testing the preliamry ideas running on the Tim’s custom game engine. im starting to map out ideas of how to pipeline and mix the audio. Im experiementing with EQs, Filters and Mixer Buses built from scratch in software like Unreal Engine, Pure Data or MaxMSP in the hope of being able to recreate them in the game engine. This will give us the ability to create endless variations on each engine.

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