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NEWS: Custom Doorcards finished

24/05/2022 I got hese crazy hard custom doorcards finished… It took some time as i was trying to source an upholsterer to cover them, we never quite got there but at least they are ready to rock! Link to buildthread You can find the build thread HERE


NEWS: Custom Doorcards update

14/02/2022 A little update on these custom doorcards for a custom-built, R32 engined, 4wd VW Corrado. The top and lower sections have been fiberglassed in and profiled to the dashboard. Removing the minimum amount of material from the original VW Corrado speaker pods, I’ve managed to modify them to clear the dashboard when closing the […]

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Volkswagen Golf mk2 Focal Doorpods

I built these doorpods for a customer a long while back and randomly found some pictures of it today, They already had two sets of Focal components to angle up and towards the ear, space for two crossovers and keeping the design to look as close to the original door pocket as possible.Achieving this in […]