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Logitech G920 Racing Simulator DIY build

Logitech G920
Modified shifter
Hydro Handbrake
Button box
Upgraded inverted pedals
Simdash cluster
Heated seat

Future updates will be a better sitting position using the same Golf mk4 seat, its also heated so i will be definitely wiring that up for cold days!

The hydro brake was a quick and easy mod to do as long as your comfortable with some metalworking, wiring and soldering you can do this mod really easily and inexpensive

Im also working on a button box for the whole system using a USB zero lag micro controller and some illuminated switches, Some games you require quite a few buttons Project Cars 2 for example has two separate buttons for ignition and engine start, it has manual wipers, lights too, not to mention all the other buttons you need for the car settings like requesting pit stops or adjusting brake bias, KERS, ABS. The ARB settings require 4 buttons on their own to function to stiffen or soften back and front.

Logitech G920 Racing Simulator

This is the micro controller I bought from eBay

Really the most beastly setup but it allowed me to keep moving parts until I found a comfortable position for everything.

The steering wheel definitely needs to be a bout 20-30mm higher and the TV needs to be raised as I’m currently kind of looking down instead of straight ahead of me.

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