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NEWS: Release date Eggcelerate! To the Tropics


Eggcelerate drops this year at the end of February!

Eggy madness in the middle of a jungle on a motorbike? Tune in to Tim Beaudets Twitch stream daily to see him develop it live!

Get it on Steam!

Make sure you add Eggcelerate! To the Tropics to your Steam Wishlist or download the demo below

I recently played Eggcelerate! again getting myself familiarised and accustomed to the sonic style I had built. Tim wants me to try and get back to the original charming Eggcelerate! Vocal character that I missed the mark on on the last expansion Eggcelerate! To the North Pole.

Eggcelerate! To the Tropics

I’m looking forward to experiencing eggcelerate in the Jungle and I cannot wait to see what new traps and hazards await!

Producing the engine sounds for this is, as always going to be a challenge. But so much fun at the same time!

Buy the original Eggcelerate on Steam below!

Click here or the image below to goto the steam page

Tim Beaudet's Eggcelerate!
Tim Beaudet’s Eggcelerate!
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