NEWS: New Studio on the way


Little sketch of the new studio on the way!
I wanted to have an idea of where i was going with it so i could plan equipment placement, socket locations and cable lengths i need to order before starting the build.

New Studio on the way
New Studio on the way

Ive got myself a new set of Cooler Master IPS 23″ panels. The undefined 1080p resolution, flickery 75hz and lackluster colour of the samsung i was using left me wanting more.
These IPS panels are butter smooth with 165hz 1440p QHD resolution with decent enough colour accuracy to work on

Im also upgrading the CPU from the measly AMD Ryzen 3400g to a much more capable AMD Ryzen 5600X, Boasting some really spectacular single threaded operational benchmarks for the price point. On par with the linkes of some much pricer intel 5 and 9 series and just shy of the 5800 which is over £70 more and a much higher TDP of 105w over the 65w of the 5600x

Here is the original location and how ive been working since 2020 its worked well but its now definitely well overdue an upgrade and finishing off! I need better placement for my gear as i have quite a lot more now that i use on a regular basis including the BCF2000 midi controller (Read the post here) and Yamaha AW4416 multitrack digital workstation (read post here)

Im rotating everything 90 degrees so that i can widen the desk and improve the overall soundstage, Hoping i can better deal with some annoying dips in response around 70hz due to room dimensions as well as give me room for more gear!
ive got my Technics organ and another desk with studio workstation to go in for another producer to use.

Studio Desk 2022
Studio Desk 2022

It’s now in its final position, I managed to get down some second hand flooring and started to out up the back wall

New Studio on the way
New Studio on the way

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