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NEWS: Eggcelerate! To the Tropics


The next update to the fantastic & furstration filled racing game from Tim Beuadet is coming soon!
Eggcelerate! To the Tropics will now be a standalone game available on steam! Take your racing challenge to a hotter & stickier climate, where saving and speeding your egg to the finish line is still the aim of the of the game!

Eggcelerate! To the Tropics

Click the link below to add Eggcelerate! to your Steam wishlist!

Race round the jungle and avoid the many new traps ahead! can you get your egg the finish line? Did you know theres an official leaderboard for the original eggcelerate?

Ill be working on some new sounds for this expansion so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Buy the original Eggcelerate on Steam below!

Click here or the image below to goto the steam page

Tim Beaudet's Eggcelerate!
Tim Beaudet’s Eggcelerate!

Or click here to play a free early access demo on ArcadeSpot

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