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NEWS: Egcelerate winter eggspansion now on steam

Egcelerate winter eggspansion for Eggcelerate is now available on Steam! Check out the whole new range of vehicles, tracks and obstacles, not to mention the new physics! Ever wanted to drift round corners on eggcelerste? Now you can!

You can visit Tim Beuadet’s website to see all his projects he is working on under his Tyre Bytes Games Company

Tyre Bytes Tim Beudet

You can also catch Tim live on his twitch stream daily, coding and working towards his goal of building a sustainable business; openly and transparently, online in the hope of inspiring others to do the same, I admire his work ethics, his great personality, and his ambition to succeed. Working on eggcelerate with Tim has been an awesome experience, I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity so please show some support!

Twitch link to Timbeaudet
Steam link to eggcelerate

You can read my post on the sounds made for the base game on the link below, keep your eyes peeled for the eggspansion update writeup coming soon! If your interested in sound design for games it will be well worth the read.

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