NEWS: Bought some vintage Yamaha


Today I received this legendary piece of 90’s gear, a complete analog mixer and digital mastering suite.


I found this on sale on eBay recently, I fell in love with it visually straight away! It screams 80’s eye candy! It’s packed with vintage goodness an all the latest technology available back then! It’s still relevant today at 24bit 44.1khz standard it’s the last and considered the best of the best in its range. During the 90’s these units sold for nearly £4000, that’s just shy og £10k in todays money! Able to deploy industry standard reading it was yamaha’s flagship model in its time.

I bought it from a lovely chap, its well looked after and arrived in perfect working order! Thanks Phil!

I did some research before making an offer, there wasn’t much on youtube or online, so after reading the manual and seeing what it could offer i decided it would be a perfect addition to the studio. I need a way to have more Inputs into my DAW as well as some extra midi controls, it will also allow me to expand and get some more outboard gear. This does it all! Including mastering to CD!

Some of the features I really like are the ability to re-arrange, overdub and slice audio right on the AW4416, it will encourage me to approach creating music in a different manner.

Check back as I delve deep into this Yamaha AW4416 and unlock all its secrets! I’ll be doing a host of YouTube tutorials and share all the info I can curate.

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