NEWS: Behringer BCF2000


Having a little fun with my Behringer BCF2000 Midi Controller, I struggled really hard to get it to work with Windows10 over USB but its working 100% over old-school MIDI. Its been fun messing around with it and already found some great uses for it during production. Everyone has done the fader sine sweep videos on youtube but ive never seen anyone do this!

Click here to read a comprehensive guide to the BCF2000

The template runs cascading  frequency band splits across the audio spectrum and peak controllers to drive the 8 motorized faders. Please make sure to increase the input gain to the mixer stage gently. The faders are not indestructible and will react to fast transients.

Behringer BCF2000 Spectrum Analyser Patch


(use at your own risk, you may end up frying your fader motors, Tearing a belt or destroying something else)
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