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NEWS: Eggcelerate Winter Update

12/02/2022Tim Beudet ‘s Eggcelerate recieves a Winter theme update this March with all new slippery physics, obstacles and traps! Updating the original sounds I will be updating some of the original sounds that i made for the orignal release last year. In retrospect, after playing eggcelerate for hours some of the engine sounds became somewhat […]

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Behringer BCF2000 MIDI Controller

This post is a work in progress The Behringer BC2000 MIDI controller is an awesome cheap piece of tech that I picked up for less than £100, more so for its motorised faders than anything else it had to offer. Having an Akai Mpk249 its fully equiped to cover all my MIDI needs! it has […]

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Home Music Studio

I’ve been wanting to turn my old workshop into a music studio and chill out area since last year but with the impact of Covid19 its been difficult to get started, this week i managed to get some time to clear the space and lay some wood flooring i had spare. This is still a […]

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Little fun with the Technics PCM E33

After spending a few hours fixing and rebuilding the Technics PCM E33 electric organ I decided I would put it to the test and have some fun seeing what sounds I could get out of it! Repair & re-build post coming soon I used my Focusrite Scarlet 4i4 and the Technics organs earphones Jack as […]

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Working on music

Bought a new laptop as my old Asus packed up! Its a Lenovo Legion Y540 and has been working great for production and CPU intensive VSTi like Phaseplant and T-Racks I love the illuminated keys and the fact you can easily upgrade things with an access panel underneath, the fans are really nicely positioned so […]