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Little fun with the Technics PCM E33

After spending a few hours fixing and rebuilding the Technics PCM E33 electric organ I decided I would put it to the test and have some fun seeing what sounds I could get out of it!

Repair & re-build post coming soon

I used my Focusrite Scarlet 4i4 and the Technics organs earphones Jack as a source, Linked using a short 1/4″ jack stereo lead so not to my surprise it has a really, really high noise floor. When you release a key there’s a hiss that carries on for a couple of seconds, Probably from the headphone amplifier. I’m guessing the amp goes into a low state when there’s no signal as the hiss fades out rapidly after about 1.5-2seconds. The PCM E33 does come with a line out RCA I want to try, I just didn’t have a lead at hand.

I managed to fix some of but not all the high frequency content with a High pass filter at 16.5Khz. A gate killed the long hiss present from the headphone amplifier and got rid of all of the noise during [note off]. Unfortunately the hiss is still there when [note on] signal is present. I’m hoping the line out won’t have this issue. Failing that I may try the speaker outputs from the amplifier as they sound pretty clean.

I recorded some layers using different sounds from the poly and tab voices mixing in layers of strings too, I tempo matched the Technics drum machine with FL Studio and got to recording some stems.

I can definitely see myself using this for some awesome pads and leads!

I ended recording a few bards and did a tribute to the Stranger Things theme song.

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