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Jordan Watts Gemini Speakers

My father has had these big speakers all my life, they have always been tucked away somewhere under the impression they never worked, They are really heavy, always the expectation that it was the enclosure! He had always asked me to re purpose them one day with decent drivers and make a nice Hi-Fi system for him to enjoy. Little did i know what lurked inside, keep reading to find out why these were so heavy!

Yesterday i dusted them off had a look around and decided to take the the back panels off before testing, after all i wouldn’t want to run power into something that might be shorted!.
I was absolutely bewildered to what i found… Square drivers? Id never seen anything like it in a enclosure such as this. Maybe big PA back in the day had things that looked similar.
I have been into audio all my life and never come across something so unique looking! Unfortunately one driver has a cracked cone which im looking into repairing but what a fascinating set of speakers, Metal cones that are galvanized! Cantilever suspension! what a treat!

I’ve added a few pictures i found online about them and some pictures of the speakers themselves for you to enjoy for now more coming soon! If i cant get the cone repaired i will take the two best of the set and turn them into reference monitors for the studio! What better set of reference monitors could you ask for but the famous Jordan Watt Modular High Fidelity Loudspeakers, incredible technology for such a long time ago.

I can attest these sound creamy although absolutely not for today’s mastering standards, I can see myself using these for very detailed analyses between 200 hz and 6khz as this band pass is the sweet spot, apparently there is a bit of a dip in performance between 250-300hz area due to the use of the Silver Beryllium Copper Suspension Cantilever System.

JordanWattsModule DATS Click here to view the DATS v3 test of these JW Modules

There’s been another company reproducing these using the modern standard spider assembly which provides higher power handling and no dip in the lower midrange from what I’ve read online.
Impressively the FS of these drivers is 40-41hz great for Transmission Line’s. In the ported speaker enclosures there in now without driving them hard they drop down easily into the sub 40hz region whilst still being transient. I’ve also read these work fantastic in vertical arrays as well as with Passive Radiating networks

I look forward to either restoring these back to standard or re purposing them for the studio… Keep an eye out for more!

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