IDW Tracklist

A list of some tracks ive made that you can find on soundcloud.

Free VST & Presets


Click on the download link to save the zip file to your PC. Locate the folder where you downloaded the file and extract it to your desktop.

You need to know where your presets are kept to use these beforehand. For example if you wanted to install my Phaseplant presets on a Windows PC. Drop the entire "IDW" folder into the PhasePlant User Presets folder.
When you load up Phaseplant in your DAW you should see the IDW preset bank now.

When downloading more than one pack or if you have downloaded a pack previously for the same synth you can drop (copy-paste) the folder straight on top of the existing IDW packs. I keep the same folder structure across all my packs keeping your preset broswer neat and tidy! This also means any updates i apply to patches will automaticaly update themselvesĀ  if you make sure to select "Replace All" when prompted by windows.

FL Studio


Synth Presets

Phaseplant Logo

My Friends

A list of tracks i love from some of my good friends.

MR Sketi

Catch Mr Sketi live on Twitch most weeknights!

If you enjoy making music get on this!
I take part on the Thursday night 8pm GMT stream as often as possible. 30 mins to make a track to a different constraint every week really puts pressure on delivering under a set of not ideal conditions. I cannot thank MrSKeti enough for putting on these streams and supporting his amazing community. I have definitely grown and gained from participating and encourage all to do the same!
Click the icon below to join a fantastic community on his discord channel.

Leon Switch

Legendary Drum & Bass producer from the UK now teaching his methods and techniques!

Ive been a long time fan of Leons Switch since his early days in Drum & Bass! I cannot recommend him enough if you want to learn music production in a simple and hugely efficient manner i cannot recommend him enough! He is now running a patreon and discord community which im now proudly part of! Ive already learned a TON from Leon in the short time ive been a member, the community is excellent and the memebers are super friendly and inviting!
Do not miss the chance to get in early! Leon clearly has a direction and i cannot see any other outcome but this his plaform growing.

Twitch IDW Stream

Watch me stream live on Twitch!

I will soon be streaming live on Twitch, catch me making music, developing game audio and much much more!