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A list of current games i am playing on a week to week basis.

Hell Let Loose


Hell let loose is a team/squad based FPS with large scale maps across historical WWII events. An arcade style military sim well known for its PTSD style gameplay. Sometimes referred as the dying or walking simulator it can be awesome fun or terribly frustrating… War is Hell!


Starfield was a highly anticipated game for me hopeing to move on from the now dated Fallout seried, A space RPG where custom ship building and endless gameplay at its core, although another flawless release from Bethesda its vanilla gameplay has left me wanting more and a little deflated at the insanely lackluster buiklding system


Precision racing, Authentic vehicles, Real tracks and race classes, a Free to play Racing Sim which in my mind has some of the most exhilirating audio and racing experience. Out of the box the most free fun you can have in simlation

Fallout 4

My all time favourite Post-apocalyptic RPG adventure set in a richly detailed open world, filled with quests, factions and a creative building system. The plethora of QOL mods and improvements never got boring, and now with VR support im itching to get back into some power armour and get fully immersed!

Forza Motorsport

Simcade Racing, Largest vehicle selection, realistic physics and authentic tracks keep me coming back to Forza for more, the ease and wide car selection including the all mighty modifications just never get old!

No Mans Sky

Space exploration on proceduraly generated worlds, Mine resources and expand your emptire across the stars, A stopgap that ended up filling in all the gaps left out by Starfield! like Co Op! Large ship building, trading and multiple languages!

City Skylines

Build your dream city in the most immersive and expansive sandbox to date! i used to dream of this kind of game when i was a kid playing SimCity on the SNES now i have it i still desire more!

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