Eggcelerate! To the Tropics

Im currently working on the new engine and sound effects for Eggcelerate! To the Tropics.
The new installment in eggy racing madness from Tim Beuadet.

Click here to try out the demo on Steam right now!

You can watch its development live on Tim's Twitch stream!

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Game Audio Repository

Im working towards building this page into a repository of usefull information, links and content for everyone to access for free.
Im planning to release tutorials in sound design for game engines, Audio programming, Engineering techniques and much more...

NEWS: Eggcelerate! To the Tropics Released

  • IDW
  • 30 March 2023

Great news Eggcelerate! To the Tropics dropped today! With already many indy gamers, youtubers and twitch streamers speed running and trying it out! what are you waiting for? Get Eggcelerate! before the 6th of April for a 25% discount! Eggcelerate! To the Tropics

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NEWS: Release date Eggcelerate! To the Tropics

  • IDW
  • 17 January 2023

17/01/2023 Eggcelerate drops this year at the end of February! Eggy madness in the middle of a jungle on a motorbike? Tune in to Tim Beaudets Twitch stream daily to see him develop it live! Get it on Steam! Make sure you add Eggcelerate! To the Tropics to your Steam

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NEWS: Eggcelerate! To the Tropics

  • IDW
  • 22 December 2022

22/12/2022 The next update to the fantastic & furstration filled racing game from Tim Beuadet is coming soon!Eggcelerate! To the Tropics will now be a standalone game available on steam! Take your racing challenge to a hotter & stickier climate, where saving and speeding your egg to the finish line

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Trailing Brakes Engine Synthesis Experimentation

  • IDW
  • 06 September 2022

Here are a few examples of engine synthesis i have experimented with using PhasePlant from Kilohearts. The phaseplant engine is a great tool for experimentation. even though its extremely deep in terms of modulation and effects it can also be quite simple if you want it to be.This gives me

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Trailing Brakes Game Audio

  • IDW
  • 06 September 2022

Here we go! drivers get to your starting positions! Trailing Brakes from Tim's Beuadet's studio Tyre Bytes is officialy being developed. Im working again with Tim, this time tackling a full on racing simulator. The audio on this will be a work of love. Im can not describe how excited

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Game Audio Resources

Here is a catergorised list of all the game audio software, information, articles and resources i can find on the web. My plan is to continualy update this list untill it grows into a fully featured section of my website.

Whilst trying to learn myself i have had to spend hours searching around for information all over the place, so having everything listed for anyone to access, free of charge is something i really want to develop further.

Completed Projects

A list of recently completed game audio projects

Fistfull of Dice

A Fistfull of Dice – Made for dice throwers and gun slingers! A gamejam western themed game by Miltage where the chances of winning are less than fortunate!

CLICK HERE to visit the developers website

Eggcelerate Winter Update

Eggcelerate recieves a winter update this March 24th, Tim has asked me to create some new engine sounds, some textural effects for snow and ice as well as adding some sound effects for new traps and obstacles.

Ill be updating some of the orignal engine sounds too one or two need som bug fixing and adjustments to overall percieved loudness.

Tim Beudet’s Eggcelerate

Eggcelerate! is a silly yet challenging time-trial racing game, A game where you try over and over again to improve your level time without dropping an egg sat in a basket.

I developed some of the audio for Tim, a challenging but fun appraoch you can read all about it and how i developed the engine and sound effects HEREYou can buy the game on steam HERE

if you need music/sound effects or consultig on implementing audio in you project please use the form below

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