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NEWS: Eggcelerate Winter Update

Tim Beudet ‘s Eggcelerate recieves a Winter theme update this March with all new slippery physics, obstacles and traps!

Eggcelerate Winter Update

Updating the original sounds

I will be updating some of the original sounds that i made for the orignal release last year. In retrospect, after playing eggcelerate for hours some of the engine sounds became somewhat annoying to me.
I spent some time watching streamers play the game, there was always some comment about the engine sounds! Most guessed straight away that they were all made by mouth! Genereally they recieved a postive reaction and some gave great comments!

My favourite has to be the iconic Love Bus! i spent a lot of time trying different mouth sounds to get this right, i wanted it to sound authentic to the orignal vehicle but with a cartoony vibe, i know it well and have worked on a few in the past, im a die hard VW and Audi fan so it had to be just right!

Eggcelerate Love Bus
Eggcelerate Love Bus

Sounds for the winter update

This March Eggcelerate drops with a wonderful new winter themed update, The new vehicles will all need new engine sounds as well as obstables and traps.

Check back in march for an update on how the project rolls out!

If you wish to support Tim and myself it would be immensely helpful if you added eggcelerate to your Steam wishlist
You can find it here

Eggcelerate is available on Steam

Find all of Tims work at his Tyre Bytes Games Studio Website
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