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ANL Fused Distribution Block

Distribution blocks for high power applications! Do you use them? I generally keep away from them when drawing anything over 100A, I much prefer to have direct connections where possible fusing with ANL only where absolutely necessary to keep things safe. Having as few connections as possible has two fuctions;One: Less connections means less places […]

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Working on music

Bought a new laptop as my old Asus packed up! Its a Lenovo Legion Y540 and has been working great for production and CPU intensive VSTi like Phaseplant and T-Racks I love the illuminated keys and the fact you can easily upgrade things with an access panel underneath, the fans are really nicely positioned so […]


New site launched

Today i’ve launched the site to start documenting my life’s work, interests, ideas and more…After realizing that coronavirus would be a global issue that would spread worldwide and have profound long lasting effects not only to day to day issues such as freedom of movement but larger ones such as the long term social effects […]