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NEWS: Game Audio

06/12/2021 Ive started a new section of the website dedicated to Game Audio where ill be updating the current projects im working on, dropping tutorials, making assets and working on audio engines. Youl also be able to check out a showcase of games that have already been released.


NEWS: Behringer BCF2000

05/07/2021 Having a little fun with my Behringer BCF2000 Midi Controller, I struggled really hard to get it to work with Windows10 over USB but its working 100% over old-school MIDI. Its been fun messing around with it and already found some great uses for it during production. Everyone has done the fader sine sweep […]

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Simracing DIY Sequential Shifter

So I’ve really enjoyed using the homemade handbrake for drifting and messing around, it’s a nice touch for fun but I’ve taken a shine to agressive hillclimb and DTM circuit racing. I decided it was time to make a sequential shifter box It was super handy for rally games but not really for much else, […]

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Technics PCM E33 Organ Repair

A guide and full schematic documentation of the Technics PCM SX E33 electric organ. I wrote this in hope of helping anyone interested in these, how they work and break down its component and modular system. It was a really interesting project and I learnt a lot about synthesis, Serial bus, Filters and PCB’s Ive […]

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Behringer BCF2000 MIDI Controller

This post is a work in progress The Behringer BC2000 MIDI controller is an awesome cheap piece of tech that I picked up for less than £100, more so for its motorised faders than anything else it had to offer. Having an Akai Mpk249 its fully equiped to cover all my MIDI needs! it has […]