12v ACTIVE PROJECTS Custom Electrial PROJECTS Restoration

Astron RS-50 DC Linear Power Supply

This Astron power supply and older unit which had previously been repaired with 30A continuous 50A peak supply had to be restored, it would make a great addition to bench testing on the fly with a decent amount of current and a linear voltage.

I’ve already bought and tested a pot for variable voltage control tapping into the LM723CN Chip using a 5kOhm AB Elektronic ABW1 Potentiometer.
I’ve also got a Volt and Amp panel meter to be fitted with the shunt in series with the negative rail of the output section.

The 2n5038 transistors as well as the filter capacitor will be replaced.

Im also planning a full strip down and reassembling the whole unit with some added touches, some unnecessary but overall will finish the build to a higher standard than factory

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