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ANL Fused Distribution Block

Distribution blocks for high power applications!
Do you use them?
I generally keep away from them when drawing anything over 100A, I much prefer to have direct connections where possible fusing with ANL only where absolutely necessary to keep things safe. Having as few connections as possible has two fuctions;
One: Less connections means less places along the circuit for the possibility of problems
Two: You can be 100% certain that you are not potentially bottlenecking your power delivery.

After researching the market i decided that nearly all automotive power distribution blocks require special equipment to recreate or even mimic, there’s not a huge amount on the market in terms of ANL sized distribution anyway, as generally its used as main fusing from the power source.
Processes like injection moulding, multi axis machining and boring out pockets for large format power cable are just out of the scope of most peoples available resources.

This is the design i settled on, using the most advanced tools this would be easily be fabricated using a 3D printer and CNC. So thinking about doing this manually i designed all the of the cuts, recess’s and drill holes to be simple and easy to machine by hand there’s no complex angles or cuts that need to be made.

It can be made over and over accurately with nothing but the simplest of tools>
For example a set of mixed metal files, a decent hacksaw, a power drill, tap and die set , some marking tools and finally some patience, you should be able to recreate this with ease.

Its designed to carry large format input up to 0000awg and provide up to 00awg outputs. Obviously the more current used, the mo aluminium needs to be present to carry the load, Keep in mind as you increase the current capacity try to gauge how difficulty the machining process increases.

I designed this to be a multi use system, One block can be used in various ways by only making small modifications to the way the Aluminium blocks are grouped together on the output.
The images i’ve posted here shows the outlet as one solid block giving multiple outs from one large input perhaps, bridging multiple ANL fuses across the gap gives it seriously high current carrying capacity in this formation.
You could split the output section down the middle or into 4 sections or any combination that work into your application.

Sometimes the simplest of designs gives the most flexible and robust solution. I’ve always felt the market in accessories has always been a profit cushion, Power distribution in the automotive industry is no different. there isn’t much research or advancement in power distribution, it seems to be geared towards installers and maximising the range of products needed to complete a system.

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